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Advanced Techniques in Orbital Trauma to Preserve Eyelid Function, and More…

By kep2020 December 12, 2022

When trauma occurs in the eye region, eyesight and eye function is often the first concern. However, eyelid trauma is not to be overlooked, as eyelid dysfunction that is not corrected can lead to negative impacts that last a lifetime. Luckily, there are many advanced techniques available to surgeons today to rectify orbital trauma while repairing and preserving eyelid function.

Trauma to the eyelid can occur for a variety of reasons; sports injuries, car accidents, animal bites, or blunt force from fist fights are the most common sources. All are caused by a sudden force to the eyelid and orbital area, or by a sharp object entering the eye area and causing a laceration. Untreated, trauma to the eyelid can cause misaligned eyelids, difficulty blinking, inability to fully close or open the eyes, or problems with the tear ducts (whether it’s overactivity or a lack of lubrication). As such, immediate surgical repair is usually indicated to prevent further injury.

The surgical procedures used will depend on the size of the laceration, the location of the laceration, and the systems of the eye that are impacted. A small external cut will be repaired differently than a large cut at the edge of the eyelid, or one that involves the lash line. Further consideration must be taken if the trauma involves tear ducts or tendons. Every orbital surgery is unique to the patient and circumstances of their injury, so oculofacial plastic surgeons must be highly skilled in performing a range of surgical repair techniques with little warning time.

The first goal in treating orbital trauma is to remove any foreign bodies from the eye area. This may include animal hair, dirt, glass, or other sharp objects depending on the cause of the trauma. The second goal is to repair lacerations using stitches as soon as possible to avoid further complications. A skilled surgeon will use the smallest stitch possible to preserve the integrity of the eyelid and stitches while reducing the risk of scarring or necessity for further surgeries.

No one wants to think about orbital trauma happening to them, but the fact is that accidents (and eyelid trauma) happen. If you suffer an injury to the eye, it’s important to seek help right away. Dr. Kevin Perman has treated hundreds of orbital injuries over his career and can handle all manner of injury to the eyelid, eye muscles, and orbital bones.