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Beyond Beauty: Brow Lifting Techniques

By kep2020 February 5, 2024

When it comes to facial aesthetics, the eyebrow is an underappreciated area. While it may not be at the top of everyone’s plastic surgery wishlist, the brow line actually has a significant role in framing the face, revealing the eyes, and shaping the way emotions are reflected on the face. With the right brow lift technique, the brow can be surgically lifted to rejuvenate and open the face.

A brow lift is not merely a surgical procedure; it’s an art that demands precision, expertise, and a detailed understanding of facial anatomy. By employing the right technique for your facial structure and goals, youthful beauty is restored. There are three different brow lift techniques for your surgeon to choose from, each defined by the area the incision is made:

  • Endoscopic Brow Lifts require the smallest incisions, which are hidden along the hairline. An endoscope is used during the procedure to ensure nerves in the forehead are protected. Patients tend to have a better healing process because it is less invasive and complications are reduced.
  • Pretrichial Brow Lifts require larger incisions across the entire forehead along the hairline. While this may mean a larger scar, it also means bigger results. Pretrichial brow lifts don’t just lift the brows, they lift the entire forehead and even the eyelids!
  • Direct Brow Lifts require an incision in the eyebrows themselves or camouflaged in existing lines on those with prominent forehead wrinkles.

No matter which technique you and your doctor settle on, you can be assured that your brow lift will correct brow symmetry and the natural contour of your face, so you get impactful results that also look natural.

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