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Dr. Perman specializes in facial injectables for fine facial wrinkles and usually works with either Botox or Xeomin.  They are basically the same drug, but from different manufacturers.  They are derived from a natural occurring protein that has been purified for human injection.

Both Botox and Xeomin work by relaxing and temporarily weakening muscles of facial expression whose contractions contribute to dynamic wrinkles.  Both medications take effect 3-5 days post injection.  Injections are virtually painless with effects lasting 3-6 months.

Most people choose to repeat the treatment multiple times per year to maintain results.  If this is not done, there is no down side and the muscles will return to pre-injection activity.

The goal of these treatments is to achieve a more youthful relaxed appearance, while not looking frozen and no limitation of facial expression.

Certainly, the key to success of these sessions is the physician/injector level of experience. Dr. Perman was the first physician authorized to deliver neuromodulator injections in the D.C., Maryland, Virginia areas.  This was based on his participation in clinical studies of Botox, dating back to 1983, at UCLA Medical Center where Dr. Perman trained and taught. In 1984, Dr. Perman presented one of the first papers on the effect of Botox on facial spasms at the American Academy.

Dr. Perman looks forward to discussing how Botox or Xeomin might help in the management of your fine facial wrinkles, and answering your questions about the process as well as benefits and risks.

My vision was impaired due to hooded eyelids, Dr. Perman and his staff did an amazing job! As a professional photographer, my field of vision is clearer, brighter and bigger. I am also more alert and attentive due to the weight lifted off my eyelids. Thanks for the vision!

Jeffrion M.