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Brow Lifting (Direct, Endoscopic, Pretrichial)

Loss of elastic tissues and facial volume lead to changing of the forehead and brow contours. It is an area that is underappreciated by both patients and even cosmetic surgeons as a potential major contributor to the appearance of fatigue and sadness.

The surgical management of the drooping brow revolves around the location of the incision. The incision may be placed in the upper portion of the brow hair; this would be reserved for a patient already exhibiting deep visible wrinkles. In such a patient, the surgical incision blends in as just another wrinkle.

When a visible incision will no be tolerated, an endoscopic approach is the technique of choice, as the incision is hidden in the scalp, and anatomy visualized with the camera and a tv like monitor. It is more sophisticated than a direct approach and takes a bit longer to perform, but not having a visible incision is a big advantage.

Once again, surgical options will be discussed by Dr. Perman.