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How is a Brow Lift Done

By kep2020 July 8, 2021

Brow lifts are an increasingly popular cosmetic treatment typically used for reducing creases that appear with age in the forehead. If a sagging brow inhibits your facial expression, a brow lift is a time-tested method for rejuvenating the upper portion of your face. 

Brow-lift procedures have evolved from open techniques to more complex short incisions and endoscopic techniques. A brow lift usually involves incisions in the hair-bearing scalp, but sometimes incisions are made in the forehead and/or the upper eyelids.

  • Open brow lift. Dr. Perman makes a long incision across the forehead, either around the hairline or in one of the creases of the forehead, and lifts the skin away from the underlying tissues. Your surgeon will then loosens muscles and remove fat followed by the removal any excess skin. Then  the remaining skin is pulled down, and  the brow stitched into its new position. Other names sometimes used to describe open brow lift include classic, coronal or trichophytic brow lift.
  • Endoscopic brow lift. Dr. Perman inserts an endoscope (a long, thin tube with a light at the end attached to a video camera) through several tiny incisions in the scalp. This allows the surgeon to see and work on the various internal structures of the forehead. The endoscopic technique requires very minimal incisions, but it may not be equally beneficial for all patients.
  • Limited incision technique. This hybrid technique of both procedures is non-endoscopic with limited incisions. It uses a small portion of the ends of the coronal technique incision to elevate the outside part of the eyebrows under direct vision without an endoscope. The resulting scars are hidden in the temporal hairline, even in balding men who have little temporal hair remaining. While this procedure does not address the center area of the brow, it can reduce wrinkles at the corners of the eyes commonly referred to as crow’s feet. Since many forehead-lift procedures are performed with an upper blepharoplasty, the upper eyelid incisions are used to complete the forehead-lift procedure by treating the frown lines between the eyebrows and raising the inside part of the eyebrows.

The type of brow lift you undergo will be based on your facial features and aesthetic preferences. The goal of Dr. Perman in Gainesville is to help you achieve the most beautiful and natural-looking results, as well as to make your surgical experience as easy and comfortable as possible.

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