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How Long Does It Take for Dermal Fillers to Settle?

By kep2020 January 7, 2022

Dermal fillers are a popular treatment option for facial lines and wrinkles. While you should notice some improvement immediately following your dermal filler injections, you’ll typically have to wait a bit longer to see the final results of your treatment. 

Different fillers take different times to settle, and the results also vary from patient to patient, depending on how the individual’s body responds to the injection. There are several reasons why it takes time for dermal fillers to settle into place. Some fillers are gel-like substances made with hyaluronic acid. Once injected into the skin, they begin to break down and integrate into the dermal tissue, binding to water molecules and hydrating the skin from the inside out. This process can take several days, and in some cases weeks, but the result is natural, fuller looking skin.

Some dermal fillers may also cause minor bruising and swelling at the injection site. This is a common side effect and usually clears up within a few days. When the swelling subsides, you’ll be able to see the final results of your treatment.

Tips for Dermal Filler Recovery 

While there’s no way to speed up your body’s natural healing process, there are a few things you can do to encourage a smooth and healthy recovery and look your absolute best:

  • Limit Activity – It’s important to remain active, but don’t overdo it with rigorous activity for a few days following your injection.
  • Avoid Alcohol – Alcohol consumption can increase bruising and swelling and disrupt your body’s healing process, so it’s a good idea to avoid it as you heal.
  • Limit Sun Exposure – UV rays can degrade the hyaluronic acid contained in many dermal fillers, so if you’re outside, it’s important to cover up with sunscreen and a hat.

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