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Is Eyelid Reconstruction Really a Thing?

By kep2020 November 21, 2022

Reconstructive surgery is a common category of surgical procedures for those who want to correct an injury, congenital disorder or signs of aging. Almost any part of the body can be reconstructed with surgery, but is eyelid reconstruction really a thing?

Yes! Eyelid reconstruction is an excellent option for anyone who is impacted by congenital, inflammatory or acquired eyelid conditions. Eyelid reconstruction can address:

  • The upper eyelid which controls blinking to lubricate and protect the eye.
  • The lower eyelid which controls tear ducts and drainage.
  • Ectropian eyelids, an outward turning of the eyelid. Ectropian eyelids expose the inner eyelid to debris from the air, leading to discomfort or a feeling of grittiness in the eye.
  • Entropion eyelids, inward turning of the eyelid. The folding in of the eyelid causes the eyelashes to rub or scratch the surface of the eye, including the cornea.
  • Ptosis, drooping eyelids. Often a side effect of aging, ptosis is caused by weakening muscles or issues with the tendons or nerves around the eye.
  • Lesions that weigh the eyelid down, such as a mole or tumor.
  • Scar tissue from mole removal or previous surgeries.
  • Thyroid Eye Disease which can cause swelling or retraction of the eyelid.
  • Trauma or injury that misplaces the eyelid.

There are multiple reconstructive techniques that may be used during eyelid reconstruction surgery. Before the procedure, a surgeon will examine the eyelid to determine the best approach based on the location and size of the defect, as well as the desired aesthetic goals. Ultimately, the goal of eyelid reconstruction is to return function to the eyelid while maintaining (or improving) it’s appearance.

It’s important to choose an eyelid reconstruction surgeon with extreme care. The eyes are one of the first facial features people notice, so selecting a surgeon with expertise and attention to detail is critical. Dr. Kevin Perman has been practicing in the Washington D.C. area for decades and has performed hundreds of surgeries on the eyelids. To schedule a consultation, call (301) 571-0000.