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Is that your Halloween mask? Choose the right Dr for Botox Injections

By kep2020 October 10, 2022

Can’t wait to don a mask on Halloween to cover up fine lines and wrinkles? It’s time to free yourself of the signs of sun damage and aging, so you don’t ever have to plan a costume around hiding your face again. But how do you choose the right doctor for Botox injections?

Botox has a storied medical history, beginning with its root in a toxin that causes paralysis. Scientists harnessed this bacterium into a treatment for crossed eyes before realizing the power it could have in treating other muscle spasms in the face. And so the cosmetic form, Botox, was born. Since then, it has become one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in the world for its ability to “freeze” areas of the face, banishing (and even preventing!) wrinkles from view. As if that wasn’t wonderful enough, Botox has also become noted for its usage in the treatment of migraines, overactive bladders and excessive sweating. So how do you find the right doctor for Botox injections?

While Botox has many great uses, safety is of the utmost importance because of the possibility of paralyzing a wrong area if injected incorrectly. Too much Botox can result in an unnatural “frozen face” look, while an injection that’s ever so slightly misplaced will leave you with poor results for weeks. Don’t go to anyone who isn’t a board certified doctor; a beauty technician may have experience giving injections, but they don’t have the medical training to ensure the process is safe from start to finish.

Also important to consider is the level of experience your physician has with Botox. While any doctor can technically administer injectables, you wouldn’t entrust your heart health to a podiatrist, and you don’t want to entrust your cosmetic procedures to an internal medicine surgeon. Plastic surgeons are trained in cosmetic treatments, including the administration of Botox, so you know you’ll get the results you desire.

Another consideration in choosing a doctor for Botox injections is the fit of the relationship. While Botox is a relatively quick procedure, it’s also one that will likely be repeated again and again, so it’s wise to find a doctor you get along with. Do they feel like a good fit for your goals? Do they understand your desired results? Do they take the same “less is more” approach as you, or are they equally aggressive? Finally, do you feel comfortable working with them?

A great doctor can make all the difference when it comes to the results of your Botox injections. Ready to toss off your mask and face the world with a radiant, smooth face? Dr. Kevin Perman has been involved with the research and use of Botox for decades. Call (301) 571-0000 to schedule a consultation today.