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Relief for Migraines

By kep2020 November 27, 2020

If you suffer from migraine headaches, you are no stranger to the pain, pounding, nausea, vomiting and light and sound sensitivity that comes from this often debilitating condition. You are also probably on the constant lookout for new migraine treatment options in Gainesville.

The FDA recently approved a battery-powered headband device that delivers a nerve-stimulating low electrical current to the area across the forehead. The device is called Cefaly® and it may be effective in bringing relief to migraine sufferers with frequent headaches. It is used for both treatment and prevention of migraines. It is only approved for patients over age 18 and should only be used for 20 minutes one time a day.

Another option to help migraine sufferers is, surprisingly enough, BOTOX®. Often considered a cosmetic treatment to soften frown lines, BOTOX has also been FDA-approved to treat chronic migraines (15 migraines or more a month). It works by blocking chemical changes on nerve endings. Dr. Perman can provide BOTOX injections around the head, the neck and shoulders to temporarily relax muscles and dull headache symptoms. The amount of injections needed to provide relief will vary with each patient.

Always ask your doctor about the potential risks or side effects with any type of migraine treatment. Results will vary with each patient, but if you are suffering from the effect of migraines and want more information about BOTOX for migraines in Gainesville, contact Kevin Perman, MD today to schedule a free Cosmetic Consultation.