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Should My Plastic Surgeon be Board-Certified Surgeon?

By kep2020 December 30, 2020

Board certification is something that many patients look for when selecting a plastic surgeon. Many doctors are “board-certified,” but what does that mean? Essentially, it tells you that the physician has met the requirements of a recognized medical board for certification. This is a step beyond obtaining a medical license and it’s important that you understand its significance. 

A medical board is an organization that doctors can join by meeting the requirements for membership. Whether that doctor is a specialist or a primary care physician, they may decide that demonstrating that level of competency will enhance their esteem and career standing among colleagues and patients. 

In the field of cosmetic plastic surgery, certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery is a sign that a cosmetic surgeon has met certain training, ethical standards, and experience. A common misconception is that all licensed doctors are board-certified. While all physicians must be licensed to practice medicine, they are not required by law to be board-certified. 

Board certification is a voluntary process. In addition to graduating from an accredited medical school, finishing residency training and passing an oral and written exam, board-certified physicians participate in continuing education so they keep abreast of current medical technologies and the latest advances in healthcare.

Board certification is a clear indicator of your surgeon’s commitment to their profession and serves as evidence of their experience and knowledge in the field. Of course, both board certified and non-board certified cosmetic surgeons can be great doctors, but elective surgery is all about reducing your risk and increasing your chance of success. Cosmetic surgeons who are board certified are held to certain standards that can help to keep you, the patient, safe. The rigorous training that is required with board certification ensures the patient that their surgeon is knowledgeable and skilled in the field of medicine in which they specialize. Board certification also indicates that the physician is dedicated to lifelong learning and exacting standards of care. If a doctor is not board certified it doesn’t necessarily make them less capable of completing your procedure successfully, but it is certainly a factor to consider.

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