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There’s a bump on my eyelid, is it cancer?

By kep2020 June 28, 2023

Discovering a new bump on your eyelid can be a cause for concern. While it’s natural to worry, it’s also important to know that not all eyelid bumps are cancerous. Many conditions can cause bumps to form on the eyelids, but distinguishing between a benign or more dangerous bump will require an evaluation by an oculofacial plastic surgeon.

Until your consultation, let’s look at some of the non cancerous causes of eyelid bumps.


A chalazion occurs when one of the oil glands on the eyelid becomes blocked, allowing buildup of oil under a painless bump. Chalazions generally resolve on their own, but there are treatment options to speed up healing, especially if it doesn’t seem to go away or causes discomfort.


Also known as a hordeolum, styes are caused by bacterial infections of the glands on the eyelid. Red and swollen in appearance, styes are often accompanied by pain or tenderness to the touch. Warm compresses and good eyelid hygiene can manage discomfort, but if the stye grows larger it may require more intensive intervention.


These fluid-filled sacs can vary in size and appearance, but they are usually caused by blocked oil glands or hair follicles. While generally harmless, cysts can be cosmetically unappealing and occasionally become infected. Drainage or removal may be necessary.

Not all eyelid bumps are cancerous, but it’s still important to have any unusual growths or bumps evaluated by an oculofacial plastic surgeon. To schedule a consultation, call Dr. Kevin I. Perman at (301) 571-0000.