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The oculoplastic surgeon is the specialist that is most sought out for particular expertise in dealing with any compromise to the eyelid, orbit and tear drainage (lacrimal) system

Priorities in the management of Eyelid Trauma:

  • Precise anatomic tissue re-alignment
  • Complete tissue rearrangement to address cicatricial changes in secondary repair
  • Timing of repair to allow for spontaneous improvement prior to traumatic ptosis repair
  • Preserving eyelid function
  • Developing a stable eyelid margin
  • Adequate protection of the eye
  • A smooth internal surface to preserve function
  • Maximize cosmesis and symmetry
  • Address compromise to tear drainage apparatus

Overview of Orbital Trauma:

Oculoplastic consultation is among the most common emergency department consultation requests in the context of trauma to the facial bone and surrounding soft tissue.

 The presentation may include injury or even rupture of the eye (globe), strabismus (extra-ocular muscle imbalance due to injury) and eyelid malposition.

Orbital blow-out fractures are often seen with forced blunt trauma cases where the massive pressure of the force causes an acute rise in intraorbital pressure. This pressure shift causes the orbital bones to break or “blow-out” at the weakest point along the posterior medial orbit along the floor.

Whether it’s a ball, a fist or an automobile dashboard, Dr. Perman has experience with hundreds of orbital/eyelid trauma cases in both children, adults, professional athletes and weekend warriors alike.