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What Not To Do Before A Facelift

By kep2020 February 22, 2023

Everyone wants to put their best face forward, and a facelift is a great way to do so. A facelift can be a life-changing procedure, taking years off your face while boosting your confidence in your own skin. Preparation is key to a successful and safe surgery, so your plastic surgeon will advise you on specific preoperative instructions before the day of the procedure. There are some things you should avoid before having a facelift. 

  • Don’t smoke. Smoking can slow down the healing process. It can also increase the risk of complications during surgery, especially while under anesthesia. The sooner you quit the better, but at the very least you should stop smoking a few weeks before your facelift.
  • Avoid sun exposure. Like smoking, sun exposure can damage skin cells. Damaged skin cells increase the risk of complications and scarring, while also potentially slowing down the healing process.
  • Don’t lose weight. A few pounds is not a problem, but drastic weight loss in the time leading up to your facelift can impact the skin’s elasticity, and therefore the results of the procedure.
  • Avoid certain medications and supplements. Stay away from aspirin, ibuprofen and other NSAIDs. These medications increase the risk of bleeding during surgery and bruising after surgery because they prevent blood from clotting. If you need to take pain medication prior to your facelift, stick to acetaminophen. Herbal supplements can have a similar effect on your blood flow, so be sure to cease the use of any oral or topical supplements.

In addition to avoiding these activities and medications, there are some that you should add into your routine to prepare for a successful surgery.

  • Use sunscreen. Protecting your facial skin from the sun will create a healthier foundation for your facelift. In addition to wearing sunscreen daily, you can also wear hats and sunglasses to block your face from UV damage.
  • Follow all of your doctor’s preoperative instructions. They may require labs or panels to be completed beforehand. They may also adjust your medications or suggest other topical products to use in the days or weeks leading up to your procedure.
  • Be sure to give your doctor a thorough medical history and give them a complete list of medications, prescription or otherwise, that you take.

A facelift is a significant, life-changing procedure. To guarantee the results you want, it’s important to take your preoperative care seriously.

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