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Who Should Not Get Botox?

By kep2020 April 14, 2021

Botox is a popular procedure for eliminating facial wrinkles and giving you a refreshed, more youthful look. 

The best candidates for Botox treatments are people who are physically healthy, with no history of neuromuscular diseases (such as multiple sclerosis or myasthenia gravis), who are not pregnant or nursing and who are at least 18 years old.

You are considered a good candidate for Botox if you have crow’s feet, frown lines, laugh lines, forehead furrows, drooping eyebrows, fine lines and wrinkles on your face and neck.

Who Should Not Get Botox?

Not everyone is a good candidate for Botox. If you are in poor general health, your skin is very thick or you have existing muscle weakness in the proposed injection site, you may not be a good candidate for Botox.

Patients with sensitive skin may experience an allergic reaction at the injection site. If you feel that you have particularly sensitive skin, you may want to consider having an allergy test performed prior to your Botox treatment. 

People who may have allergic reactions to the ingredients used in Botox or are currently taking aminoglycoside antibiotics should not get Botox treatments done. If you also have any infections at the proposed injection site, you should inform your doctor.

Alternatives to Botox 

Although Botox may be the most popular method for wrinkle treatment, there are various alternatives for patients in Fairfax. Other options include non-invasive chemical peels and microdermabrasion or invasive treatments such as facelifts, neck lifts and brow lifts.

During a consultation with Dr. Perman, you can discuss your concerns, cosmetic goals and have your wrinkles analyzed. Dr. Perman can determine if Botox is the best treatment for you or if another procedure would be better suited for your individual needs.